Ninebot eMoped C

The Halo Smart Electric Bike

Ninebot eMoped is a smart electric bike that can be used as a normal moped and also can be a scooter.

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Front Shock Absorption
Built-In Front LED Lights
Free Mobile App
Weight Load 116~121lbs
15.53 mph Top Speed
24.85+ Miles Range
NFC Swipe to Unlock

Show Your True Colors

Body panels made with 100% eco-friendly PP plastics allowing its raw material color to peek through.

With its true colors and versatile character, eMoped is the perfect ride to cruise on.

Electric Handlebar Lock Lock in a Second

With Ninebot’s AirLock system, now you can say goodbye to keys.Unlock your eMoped by simply approaching the ride. Sit down and ride on!

Park and Leave

Take comfort in knowing your eMoped is safe and secure after you park. Air-lock system locks your scooter for you automatically when you walk away. You can also lock your handlebars in a flash for extra safety.

Extended Range in a Compact Ride

With the newly designed lithium-ion battery, it is compact and lightweight. The battery can be swapped effortlessly and carried home for charging. With 1152Wh and a 53-mile range on the battery, the world is your oyster!

Two Buttons, All Your Functions

With its Intuitive design that requires zero learning curve, the two buttons are all you need to manage your eMoped.

Take on a Companion

With two types of add-on seats, you can take on a companion!

Regenerative Anti-lock Braking System

The front disk brake is paired with a rear drum brake to ensure fast and stable braking. The EABS System recoups energy to the battery to extend the range and takes you further.

Two-stage Central Shock Absorber

Dynamic as it looks, the outstanding two-stage central shock absorber is ready to tackle the bumps on your way and deliver a smooth ride.

Compact and Lightweight

Weighing less than 121 lbs, the eMoped is less than 5.3 ft which can be easily taken into elevators or to your storage. While the eMoped is delivering a worry-free experience, all you need is to hop on and start your day.

Ninebot eMoped C

Ninebot eMoped C

  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Patented Anti-skid Tubeless Tires
  • Keyless Ninebot’s AirLock System